When All Else Fails

A science fiction novel.

The SEEDER Series: Book Two

Mar Jeps’ life is transformed forever on Breeze Celebration, and she faces an epic challenge.

With the environmental crisis worsening, the fate of the Kodan species has been placed in her hands. She attempts to produce change for the better as one of the most powerful people on the planet, but she is thwarted at every turn. She is threatened by the Leader and the forces of the Global Assembly. She struggles against the powers of greed and corruption rooted in Kodan society. The execution of her partner is used as leverage to keep her at bay.

What will Mar do? How will she avert personal tragedy and the destruction of Kodan civilization? How will she make the foreseeable future a reality?

The SEEDER Series: Book One

"Lies can be just as powerful as the truth ..."

As the door slid open to the high-security SEEDER Journal section of the Royal Library, Professor Yor Vanderlord recalled how his great-grandfather Yorlik’s words led him to this moment.

Over a century and a half ago, planet Koda’s scientists predicted an environmental crisis threatening to annihilate the humanoid population so the global government developed the SEEDER program, launching deep-space missions to discover habitable worlds. When no livable planet was found, the SEEDER program was scrapped and the DOME project was initiated. The global economy became focused on placing domes over only the most prominent cities to insure a portion of the population’s survival.

That’s when Yorlik Vanderlord (aka Yorlik the Great), who was thought lost in space, returned from his century-long SEEDER mission, but the details of his voyage were shrouded in mystery and never told. On his great-grandfather’s deathbed, eight-year-old Yor sat beside him and promised to uncover his past, and the old man whispered in his ear, “Always remember, lies can be just as powerful as the truth.”

What did those cryptic words mean? What happened on his great-grandfather’s epic voyage?

In the 16 years that followed, Yor climbed the ladder at the Royal University from undergraduate to professor faster than anyone in Koda’s planetary history. He became the planet’s foremost authority and wrote the best-selling history book on the SEEDER program, Power Over the Future, and he began restoring Yorlik the Great’s spaceship. With all this preparation, Yor petitioned the government for permission to read a portion of his great-grandfather’s SEEDER Journal to include in the ship’s unveiling speech at a planetary celebration.

Now, as Yor entered the library, he was more determined than ever to discover the truth even if it meant heading out into space himself.

What others are saying

“An electrifying saga set on a distant planet … and yet this cautionary tale is about us.”

— David Weddle
Author of If They Move… Kill ‘Em!: The Life and Times of Sam Peckinpah,
Writer for Battlestar Galactica and The Strain

* * *

“A stay up late and go to work tired page turner.”

— Jeff Forester
Forest for the Trees: How Humans Shaped the North Woods

About the author

Howard Libes

Howard Libes has been a writer for over 30 years. He edited the 2,300-page manuscript of If They Move … Kill’em: The Life and Times of Sam Peckinpah by David Weddle (Atlantic/Grove Press) and worked as a collaborator — writer and interviewer — on Among the Mansions of Eden: Tales of Love, Lust, and Land in Beverly Hills by David Weddle (William Morrow/HarperCollins).

He has been a freelance writer for many publications too, including Fuel and Los Angeles Times Magazine. Howard’s writing career has been sidetracked a few times over the years by the music business. Most notably, he managed the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies who sold over 2 million albums.

He is currently tapping into his lifelong obsession with science fiction and writing The SEEDER Series. The first two volumes in the series—When All Else Fails (2017), Foreseeable Future (2020)—are released online and in stores. The third book, What You Will, is due out in the Spring of 2024.

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