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Howard Libes has written an electrifying saga set on a distant planet in a fictional civilization. And yet this cautionary tale is about us, about the times we live in, and the decisions we must make if we hope to survive as a species. Anyone who is concerned about the human condition, and about the condition of our planet, should read this riveting allegory. It also happens to be a rollicking adventure told with great passion, panache, and insight. For this, we owe Howard Libes a great debt.

— David Weddle
Author of “If They Move… Kill ‘Em!” The Life and Times of Sam Peckinpah
Writer/Supervising Producer for Battlestar Galactica
Writer/Executive Producer for The Strain

Howard Libes is amazingly prescient in When All Else Fails, a lyrical swan song to a distant and dying planet that could well be our own. When All Else Fails is no political treatise couched in thin fictional allegory. It is first and foremost a driving narrative, a stay up late and go to work tired page turner set on a distant planet in the future. This book is a rich feast of literature that will stay with you long after you finish it, one whose insights and themes you will see mirrored in the daily news. Current, powerful and a great deal of fun, Libes takes the reader on one hell of a ride.

— Jeff Forester
Forest for the Trees: How Humans Shaped the North Woods